9 people dead and 19 injured in a human-trafficking spill


On May 24, at 5 PM, a Thai Human-trafficking truck that carried Burmese migrant workers crashed into a tree and spilled. 9 Burmese migrant workers died and 19 remained badly injured.

The truck was intercepted by police at a Check-point near Palanburi town, Patchaburi province. The driver refused to stop and and tried to make a U-turn. The truck hit a tree and spilled.

The accident took place on the Lukhone corner, Baiphar high way, Palanburi, Chaan-Patchaburi sub district entrance. 8 Burmese migrant workers died on the spot and another one died on his way to the hospital. The other injured Burmese migrant workers were treated in Chaan hospital.

The authorities arrested Nai Chonpaw Panchawon (51) Thai driver and said that he would be prosecuted. According to the interrogation, those workers were brought from Ranong, a town located on the Thai-Burma border and meant to be sent to a Thai employer in Samusakhon province.

The truck spilled after crashing into a tree while the police was after the driver on the highway. It led to the death of Burmese migrants and left others injured on the road.

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