Htee Moo Brig6 Batt.201-Note to Karen around the world June 2010

As far as I know “Burma Democratic Concern” director Myo Thein-and Free Burma Project Border  are the first Grassroote Organisations they went into liberated Area to pass on Medicine and food to KNU and Alliance.

Here the note from Htee Moo Brig 6 Battallion 201

english translation by Free Burma Project Border

1.We are  a resistance group of freedomfighters,who resists military Junta -unjust ruled and we like to change into justice goverment.

2.For our movement we need many things to go ahead for many places.

3.We have few supports from ourleaders KNU, but also we need to find ourselve for other support.

4. We have to find ourselves,as we are KNU soldiers because we necessary many things.

5. Now our KNU leaders are facing many difficulties to support us.

6.If we don,t continuely work for freedom fighter group  many Human being problems we will facing till next generation.

7. So that, now we all Karen Karen People,we work like this because it is our duty to be sacrified.

8. Our leader Saw Ba U Ky said we shall decide our own political destiny.

Warm greetings to all Karen People around the world

Htee Moo Brig-6 Ma 201.officer of battalion office- liberated area

B.N.201 things needed urgent:

1.Solar ..collectable 6
2. Rechargable Dry Cell 120
3. Walky Talky ICOM-IC-V8
4.T shirts Aug.12.
We adopt  Brig 6 batt.201 and you can now donate to this account and we will pass the money to them.

For security reason we cannot post public this account,but you can be shure all donated money will go to the freedomfighters.

we need your support to keep things going on  ,For further deatails send mail to

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