No hostels for students of Kalay University (Sagaing Division)

Dear Editor

The rector of Kalay University (Sagaing Division) Myint Swe has borne a grudge against us since we participated in the 2007 “saffron revolution”. Students have since been banned from living in the university’s hostels, which has caused great inconvenience to those whose homes are very far away.

About 60 per cent of the 4,000-strong student body participated in the demonstrations led by Buddhist monks in September 2007, and boycotted exams.

About 1,000 students were living in the 15 hostels that provided a most convenient and affordable solution for those from distant places such as Chin State and Sagaing Division.

At that time, the accommodation cost about 10,000 Kyats per a month including hostel fees of 2,000 Kyats per a month. After 2007, we have had to rent relatively expensive private hostels, forcing us to pay three times the normal cost. There are too few private hostels nearby to accommodate the students, so some have to live in relatives’ homes or and with parents’ friends.

My house is 7 miles (11 kilometres) from the university. So, I’m very tired to attend classes and have to spend unnecessary funds on buses. Moreover, it’s very difficult travel to the campus on rainy days. Many students have similar difficulties.

About 50 per cent of students are from Kalay, 30 per cent are from Chin State and 20 per cent are from Kalaywa and Tamu (Sagaing Division).

Kalay University was opened in 1993 and is located at Koe Mile village, 9 miles (14 kilometres) west of Kalay.

We want to stay at the cheap university hostels and don’t want to have to worry about accommodation expenses. So, we want to urge the authorities to reopen the hostels for students as soon as possible.

Students of Kalay University

Falam, Chin State

Mizzima news

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