All Mon Region Democracy Party submits party flag and symbol for Commission approval

The New Light of Myanmar’s May 16th publication featured the AMRDP’s flag (pictured on the left), and the party’s symbol (pictured on the right).

The All Mon Region Democracy Party (AMRDP) submitted its party’s name, flag and symbol to the Myanmar Union Election Commission on May 14th,  the government-run newspaper The New Light of Myanmar reported  yesterday. The party also opened its head office in the capital of Mon State, Moulmein City, at Myaing Tha Yar quarter, stated the newspaper.

The party flag is a new design that differs greatly from those of other existing Mon political parties, party Chairman Nai Ngwe Thein informed IMNA. The party flag sports a white guiding star in front of a Golden Sheldrake (a sacred bird from Mon history) in flight on a red background. The party’s symbol is a flying  Sheldrake.

“We have to wait and see whether the commission will approve of our leaders, flag, and symbol,” Nai Ngwe Thein reported.

The AMRDP is led by Chairman Nai Ngwe Thein and Vice-chairman Nai Hla Aung, who were elected during the party’s most recent meeting on May 10th. The party’s flag and symbol were chosen the same day by committee members.

The AMRDP is, at present, the only Mon political group legally participating in the upcoming 2010 Burmese elections, as per the election laws enforced by the Myanmar Union Election Commission. Other Mon political groups, including the New Mon State Party (NMSP), refused to participate in the electoral process, in part because participation requires a party to uphold the much contested 2008 Burmese Constitution, a document that the NMSP has publicly denounced.

“Participating in the elections does not mean that we are going to be the government’s slaves and do whatever the government wants. We are going to raise our voice for our people in the parliament” Nai Ngwe Thein told IMNA today.

The AMRDP aims to  represent Mon people in all regions of Burma, as well as other ethnic groups living in Mon-controlled areas of the country. The party has planed to campaign in a variety of areas in southern Burma, including Pegu (once part of the ancient Monland empite), Mon State as it was created in 1974, some areas of Karen state, and in Taninsserin Division.

According to The New Light of Myanmar’s May 14th publication, the Election Commission has permitted the  formation of 28 out of 32 political parties that have applied for approval, and 4 out of 13 political parties are already completely registered.


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