NDF vows to continue armed struggle

In a major development that may lead to fresh armed conflict between the armed ceasefire groups and the Burmese Army, the National Democratic Front – Burma (NDF) has declared that it will join hands with its allies to attack the junta on multiple front lines.

“The flames of civil war will be fuelled. We are discussing amongst ourselves to open many front lines around the country if the junta opens even one,” Mai Phone Kyaw, General Secretary of NDF, warned.

The NDF’s Central Committee meeting was held on April 23 and 24 and 18 representatives from seven groups of eight attended and resolved to continue armed struggle.

A NDF statement said it supports the rejection by ceasefire groups of the junta’s proposal to transform their armed wings to the Border Guard Force (BGF).

Mai Phone Kyaw said NDF has established a rapport and a mutual understanding with other ceasefire groups and has already conveyed its intention to them.

He added that the NDF has suggested to the United Wa State Army (UWSA), which was accused of producing opium, to fight for its national rights. He also pointed out that there is enough evidence of top junta leaders’ involvement in opium production operations.

The statement said NDF opposes the 2008 constitution and the junta’s one-sided election, which will only legitimize the military dictatorship and increase its stranglehold on the country. It welcomed the NLD’s decision not to re-register the party with the country’s Election Commission.

The NDF was formed with 13 ethnic armed groups on May 10, 1976, to fight for ethnic rights and self-determination.

Later, some of the groups arrived at a ceasefire agreement with the junta, leaving eight groups, the Karen National Union (KNU), Chin National Front (CNF), New Mon State Party (NMSP), PaO National Liberation Organization (PNLO), Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF), Wa National Organization (WNO), Lahu Democratic Union (LDU), Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) in the National Democratic Front fold.

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