(Chinland Guardian): The recent bomb explosions in Rangoon left at least 8 people dead on the spot and about 94 seriously injured, sparking speculation over possible connection with the ‘unsmooth’ campaign condition of SPDC’s upcoming general election.

One source claimed that the military regime was toying with an idea of putting off the 2010 election, which is expected to be held later this year, as the plan has not really been going well.

The Burmese blogger said the police arrived at one of the blast sites suspiciously fast. No official statement on the blast has yet been released, according to the Irrawaddy.

In the mean time, Burma’s military regime keeps quiet, making no comments on the incidents. Instead, the SPDC is said to have blamed attacks on the dissidents or ethnic groups fighting for federal system of government.

Another source claimed the SPDC could tell Beijing that terrorism by Beijing-linked groups, (KIO) Kachin Independence Organization and  UWSA (the United Wa State Army), need to be punished for resorting to such terrorist tactics against Myanmar as these two best armed ceasefire organizations have so far resisted the SPDC’s ultimatum.

A hydropower plant project site in Myitsone, Kachin State has been hit by four bomb blasts before dawn yesterday.

Security measures have been tightened across the former capital of Burma after a series of bomb blasts near Karaweik Hotel, Kandawgyi Lake last Thursday as the people marked the New Year water festival.

Three separate locations, not very far from each other, had been identified according to the State TV News and Rangoon residents.

Many Burmese Buddhists question that the bomb blast during the water festivals may be a sign of curse to the ruling military junta, clearly showing the SPDC does not really reach the hearts of the peoples.

It is a belief in Burmese tradition that cleansing the human sins once a year by splashing water onto each other is necessary so they can enter the New Year in purity. This is the time Buddhists in general observe in holiness.

The military’s attempts in forcibly recruiting rebel fighters for the so-called Border Guard Force has triggered tensions with armed ethnic groups in recent weeks. Most of the ethnic nationalities have lost trust and confidence in the SPDC.

Critics say Myanmar’s army is seeking to neutralise ethnic minorities ahead of the elections, according to the Daily Mail.

Burma’s military junta has been accused of and known to have created their own pretexts for political purposes using various forms of means and tactics to confuse the peoples of Burma, and putting blames on their targetted enemies.


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