UAE and China issue travel warnings to Thailand

Escalating political tensions have led the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China to step up travel warnings for Thailand.

The UAE Foreign Ministry urged its citizens not to travel to Thailand and told Emirati citizens in Thailand to keep away from protest rallies and take extra caution in view of the current security situation and the declaration of the state of emergency in Bangkok.

China suggested its people put off their travel plans to Thailand.

Vichit Prokobgosol, president of the Thai-Chinese Tourism Alliance Association, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry recently sent a letter to tour companies suggesting they put off bringing Chinese tourists to the kingdom.

The latest demonstrations have had a huge impact on Chinese visitors, which usually number 1 million per year.

“Before the rally, 100 charter flights were scheduled for Bangkok between April 10 and 13, but after the rally started we learned that only 30 flights will come,” said Mr Vichit. “Those 30 charter flights could be put off if violence breaks out.”

Prakit Piriyakiat, deputy governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) for marketing communications, said travel advisories from other countries for Thailand remained unchanged, as no violence has occurred despite the declaration of a state of emergency.

To date 43 countries have issued travel advisories for Thailand.

Most advisories were in the third or fourth risk levels, recommending people apply a high degree of caution and avoid the protest areas.

The Thai Foreign Ministry issued a statement to assure tourists they would not be affected by emergency rule, but advised them to “be vigilant, particularly in areas where demonstrations are held”.

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