Fresh crackdown likely, Win Tin warns

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – National League for Democracy (NLD) Central Executive Committee (CEC) member U Win Tin has warned that the military regime is likely to launch a new crackdown against the party.

“Our movements will be very much limited when we don’t have a party. If we make more movements and stand against them [the junta], they will declare our party an unlawful association,” Win Tin said.

CEC and Central Committee members yesterday decided not to register their party with the Election Commission as they argue the electoral laws are unjust.

As per the electoral laws, existing political parties must register with the Election Commission (EC) by May 6th or risk being labeled unlawful organizations.

Win Tin, who was imprisoned for 19 years because of his political beliefs, has long advocated for non-registration.

“They will certainly imprison those who take steps ahead of others and those who are competent. We must face it,” the 80-year old U Win Tin commented.

“We are not working just only for winning the election and holding power. We are working for abolishing and dismantling the entire military dictatorship. So they will certainly come down harshly against us,” he said.Bogale Township NLD member Chin Won, who expressed his opinion that the party should register with the EC in order to avoid being deregistered, said, “Our party will be declared an unlawful association if not registered within 60 days. Then they will certainly suppress us if we make movements and assemble. They have already said this.”

However, even if unregistered the NLD does not need to convert to an underground party, estimated another anti-election campaigner, Zomi National Congress (ZNC) Chairman Pu Cin Sian Thang.

“Politics can be done if politics is in our mind. Our ZNC party has been banned since 1993. We don’t have a right to erect our party signboard and we can’t distribute our party literature. But we can continue our movement,” he said.

Poet Ko Lay (Inn Wa Gone Yee) told Mizzima over the phone that he heartily welcomed the NLD’s decision.

“I’m very much pleased with this decision. I’m not member of any party. I am struggling just holding a free pen as a poet, but I shall support the NLD and rally around NLD,” he said.

“There are many issues for them [the junta] to tackle, the Border Guard Force, the NLD party and the division of power. The difficulties are not only for us; they are facin them too and even more so. I think this election will not take place,” he added.

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