Garment workers demonstrate for better wages

Wednesday, 17 February 2010 19:37 Mizzima News

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New Delhi (Mizzima) – A strike by workers continues in a garment factory in Insein Township with over 200 workers demanding an increase in wages since yesterday.

Workers in Lion City at the Insein Yowma rice mill began demonstrating on Tuesday at 5 p.m. with regime officials closely monitoring the situation, fearing a spread in anti-government protests in the military-ruled country, which is under the vice like grip of the junta.

“Ten riot police trucks are on standby. Police and fire-brigade are also in position,” an eyewitness told Mizzima.

The junta has banned worker’s unions. But recently there has been a spurt in demonstrations against low wages and for labour rights. The last reported work stoppage was in Hlaingtharyar industrial zone on February 9, where at least 2000 workers from three different factories ceased work.

The junta does not tolerate people gathering as a rule, unless it is organized by the regime. However, workers protesting have not been arrested so far.

Mizzima is following the situation.

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