Burmese battalion based under area control by ethnic groups

12 FEBRUARY 2010 16:22 Mon News

Burmese battalion MOMC No.19 have been entered into KNU area around Three Pagoda Pass (TPP)-Thanphyuzayart road last 2009 December and battalion MOMC No. 8 entered at Wan-ka-ning village last January.

“We don’t know the authorities plan, we never see like the soldiers enter to our area, I think they have some plan but we don’t know their plan” said a resident.

Most of Burmese authorities enterd that area control by KNU, now KNU brigade No.4, they have combined with the brigade No.6 a resident added.

After the New Mon State Party (NMSP) has refused Border Guard Force (BGF), the Burmese battalion LIB 282 base Tenasserim division entered to the NMSP area (Suwana buu mi village) on January 10.

“If the authorities, they didn’t form their 2010 election yet, maybe they don’t fight with ceasefire groups [like NMSP], after they finished their election if they want they will fight” said resident who close the ceasefire around (TPP) area.

“Burmese battalion have moved under control ceasefire area like guerrilla” said people who close the KNU.

Burmese authorities gave reason for that cause, (1) for security at that area (2) they focus for KNU, but they also focus NMSP.

Burmese authorities collect ration for their battalion, the authorities focus to KNU but that area is under control NMSP area.

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