Two bombs went off yesterday morning in Laogai

Yet another bomb blast in Laogai
TUESDAY, 16 FEBRUARY 2010 11:25 S.H.A.N.
Two bombs went off yesterday morning in the Kokang capital of Laogai, Shan State North, killing one and wounding 11, 2 of them seriously, according to a report received by SHAN.

The report however did not say who the victim was. According to it, bombs exploded between 08:00-08:30 (Burma Standard Time) at the anti-narcotic drugs museum in the Tongcheng Park. No further details were given.There have been frequent bomb blasts in Laogai since 24 October, almost two months after Kokang was attacked and occupied by the Burma Army, 25-27 August.

The Burma Army had accused the ousted leader Peng Jiasheng, who was replaced with Bai Xuoqian as the culprit. But a source close to Peng denied having anything to do with them.

The blasts occurred this time, while the annual Chinese New Year is being celebrated by Kokang people, most of whom are ethnic Chinese. “I don’t think it is Peng’s men at least this time,” said another source contacted by SHAN. “They would not do anything to disturb the New Year.” The Burma Army had warned beforehand of Peng’s planned sabotage of the New Year celebrations, reported the former source.

Kokang used to be one of the 34 princely states of Shan States before the Burma Army’s “trial coup” in 1958. The junta-drawn 2008 constitution has granted it together with Wa, PaO, Palaung and Danu with Self-Administered status. Most of them have however shrugged it off as a mere cosmetic gesture saying they had enjoyed more rights and powers even during the days of Shan feudal lords.

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