Appeal from Phan Foundation on the second anniversary of the assasination of Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan

Dear Friend

Today is the second anniversary of our father, Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan, being killed by agents of the Burmese military dictatorship. We still miss him every day.

Following his death we set up the Phan Foundation, in memory of our father and our mother, Nant Kyin Shwe. The Phan Foundation carries on the work of our parents, helping the Karen people.

In the past two years the Phan Foundation has:

• Provided emergency food aid to internally displaced people (IDPs), forced to flee their homes after attacks by the Burmese Army.
• Given the Padoh Mahn Sha Young Leader Award, which has provided funding for an orphanage and community projects.
• Helped refugees who fled into Thailand in June last year, following a military offensive by the Burmese Army.
• Supported a Karen cultural event in central London, helping to keep Karen culture alive.
• Funded education for IDP students in Karen State.
• Funded clothing for refugee children in Nong Bua temporary refugee camp.

Thousands of people have been helped by the Phan Foundation, but many more need our help. Today, we ask that you make a donation to support our work. You can donate online at:

Thank you for your support,


Nant Zoya Phan
Phan Foundation

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