Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) welcome the release of our Hero, U Tin Oo, Leader of 1990 Election Wining Party (NLD)

13 February 2010

Today NLD’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi’s very close comrade, U Tin Oo is now released. He is the man of action and Burmese people believe in his leadership. U Tin Oo earned deep respects and high regards in the Burma’s military. This is the reason why junta put him under house arrest or in prison most of the time. He is the ex-commander in chief of the military and he earned “Thura Title” for his bravery in the battle which would equivalent to Victoria Cross.

U Tin Oo is the legitimate elected leader of Burma according to the 1990 election held by the very junta who is ruling Burma today. He shouldn’t be in the prison or under house arrest at the first place.

If the military regime truly wanted to see national reconciliation, they must release all the political prisoners unconditionally and immediately as well as they must grantee that they won’t find any excuses to do illegitimate arrest again. This would be very very basic minimum benchmark junta must do.

U Tin Oo’s party, National League for Democracy, the victor of 1990 election clearly stated their position in “Shwe-Gone-Daing” declaration that need to place in order to have true national reconciliation in Burma, i.e. to

1. Release all the political prisoners
2. Review 2008 Constitution
3. Allow to reopen NLD and ethnic nationalities offices
4. Recognise 1990 election result
5. Take place political dialogue

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) welcomes the release of our leader, U Tin Oo but unless junta fulfils above five main principles demanded by legitimate leaders of Burma, we cannot say that Burma is on the road to positive change.

We truly believe that with the added leadership of U Tin Oo, NLD will effectively drive Burma future to the better place.

For more information please contact Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) at

Myo Thein
00-44-208 493 9137
00-44-787 788 2386

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