Thirty Burmese nationals were deported to Burma

by the Mizoram state authorities in northeast India under the Foreigner’s Act last week.

They were arrested on January 22 in Aizawl city by Mizoram police. Although they were granted bail, they could not afford to pay. They were sent to Mizoram central jail.

Daily newspaper The Aizawl Post reported that the Mizoram government had decided to hand the Burmese nationals over to military authorities of Burma on the Indo-Myanmar border.

“They have been transported to Zokhawthar, Indo-Myanmar border from Bawngkawn police station to be handed over to the Burmese military,” the newspaper said.

Recently, the Home Minister of Mizoram said that Burmese people, involved in crimes will be pushed back to Burma.

He also ascribed the increasing inflow of illegal drugs to Mizoram to the activities of Burmese people from Chin state and other parts of Burma. He had declared that the Mizoram government would take penal action against them.

Most of the 30 Burmese nationals pushed back are wood cutters. This is the first time that the arrested people have been handed over to the Burmese Army.- Khonumthung News

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