Unheard Chin Hero U Kee Paing, General Aung San’s Comrade Passed Away In Kanpetlet

23 January 2010 (Chinland Guardian): One of the comrades of Burma’s Independence father General Aung San, U Kee Paing, also known as U Maung Gyi, of a Dai-Chin tribe, passed away at the age of 91 in his native place on 1 January 2010. He was peacefully laid to rest in a Christian cemetery in Kanpetlet Town, southern Chin State of Burma on 3 January 2010.

Born on 12 August 1919 as the only child to U Paing Ling and Daw Hlu Hung at Phung-Im village, Kha-Yaing Circuit, Kanpetlet Township, U Kee Paing belonged to the Shenpängthon clan of Dai-Chin tribes.
After studying at a Buddhist Monastery of Kyindwe village from 1933 to 1936, U Kee Paing was one of the leaders being actively involved politically in the struggle for independence in Burma between 1937 and 1941 in Kanpetlet. Alongside former Chin Affairs Minister Pu Vomtu Mawng and Bo Kyaw Oo (U Kyaw Oo), he bravely protested and demonstrated against the British colonial rule on 20 January 1941 at Dabar, Kanpetlet District. After that, he decided to join the Burma Army to fight for the independence. continue

UNHCR’s Mobile Registration Welcomed In Malaysia by Chinland Guardian

24 January 2010: A new wave of refugee registration to be conducted in the jungle camps by UNHCR in Malaysia has been hailed by Chin communities amid a series of continued arrests and raids by Malaysian RELA Corps and Police.

The programme, known as Mobile Registration, is set to provide documentation to hundreds of asylum seekers who have been living in makeshift huts in the jungle, afraid to venture out to seek UNHCR assistance for fear of being arrested and detained.

According to a UNHCR’s announcement released last month, the UN refugee agency has been stepping up efforts to protect 28,000 refugees and asylum seekers in the country ahead of an expected crackdown on illegal migrants early this year.

In its recent newsletters, Alliance of Chin Refugees (ACR) said of having been informed by the UNHCR’s official after the meeting held on 13 January 2011 that UNHCR will be carrying out the Mobile Registration between 3 February and 5 March 2010. Continue reading “UNHCR’s Mobile Registration Welcomed In Malaysia by Chinland Guardian”

Real Transformers _Letter to Rebound88 by Bamargyi

At the start of year 2010, many stake holders in Burmese politics have been crossing their fingers of what NLD would say about the upcoming election. Or to say more precisely, what Daw Aung San Suu Kyi would say about this long awaited election which will decide the fate of 52 million people for better or worse.

Although there have been huge efforts ongoing to update her current situation as regards to inside and outside Burma by her octogenarian vanguards. She unfortunately still has very limited information to gauge the opinion of her own people and the outside world. Her wisdom and wits are undoubtedly intact. But in the view of imminent chaos that seem sure to follow if erred in matter of deal making, her policy on this matter with shallow pool of information must be really tends to be suicidal. Her isolation from public opinion makes it vulnerable to nasty surprises.

On the other hand, from his ivory tower at NPD abode, senior general Than Shwe was making all implausible decisions for the fate of the country, with the diet of ludicrous untruths he gets from his group of corrupted lackeys.

It is not a comforting idea that the fate of the country is solely depending on the dialogue between these two individuals.

In 2009, NLD had tried to free itself from self-embrace of 1990 election with Shwegondaing declaration. When Than Shwe ignored all its demands at their recent cabinet meeting, NLD is trapped again with its own demands of Shwegondaing declaration. Intolerably flawed 2008 constitution plus over 2000 languishing in the hash remote prisons added to the NLD’s woes during the course of maintaining status quo policy.

Many different ethnic minorities, which were fighting for quasi autonomy, are still in the jungles for their survival, and figuring out how to avoid becoming SPDC border guards. Ultimately what they want is a federal constitution.. It has hardly changed at all for NLD which is fighting for democracy-oriented constitution, . Real big fights are still on the horizon.

With the refusal to grip the reality, as ever, it seems that Senior General Than Shwe already decided to miss the chance of which can be entered history as a democrat who saved the country. By all means he bent on consolidating his regime, thus put the entire country at risk. So far there is not a shred of evidence to the contrary.

If NLD can be tamed with 7 steps roadmap with 2008 constitution, there is no hope for betterment of the country. If they opted out from this process in favor of clinching a politically binding deal later, there will be growing uncertainty for the country’s future and NLD will be down the history as a culprit of the doldrums of last 20 years. The problem is they are wavering and cagey of what to do with 2010 election until now.

As the proverb said,” Problem is nothing, but solution in disguise” Sadly, this does not seem to apply to NLD. Continue reading “Real Transformers _Letter to Rebound88 by Bamargyi”

Cambodia, Thai troops clash

PHNOM PENH – CAMBODIA’S military says its troops have clashed briefly with Thai soldiers along a disputed border area.

Lieutenant General Chea Tara, deputy armed forces commander and field commander for the area, said Cambodia suffered no casualties in the fighting on Sunday, about 12 miles (20 kilometres) east of Preah Vihear temple. He said fighting began when Thai troops intruded into Cambodian territory.

Defence Ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Chhum Socheach said there had been two firefights lasting about five minutes each beginning shortly after 9am (0200 GMT, 10am Singapore time).

Thai military authorities could not immediately be contacted for confirmation of the fighting in an area which has seen several deadly clashes in the past couple of years