Thailand to propose Maehongson-Naypyitaw trade lane

FRIDAY, 22 JANUARY 2010 17:50 S.H.A.N.
Thailand is hosting a meeting with some 20 Burmese officials in Maehongson, 25-27 January, when a 4 trade lane proposal prepared by Thailand will be discussed, according to The Manger Online yesterday.

The 4 are:
• Maehongson-Naypyitaw
• Mae Sod –Moulmein
• Kanjanaburi-Tavoy
• Singkhon (Prajuab Khirikhan) – Mergui (Mrid)

The democrat administration has already approved B872 million ($26.5 million) for the first two projects, it added.

The proposed Maehongson-Naypyitaw roadway will begin at Huay Ton Noon, Khunyuam district, 67 km south of Maehongson. The projected length of the road is 200km.

According to Supoj Klinpranit, Chairman of the Maehongson Chamber of Commerce, the project hoped to link China’s “Go West policy” and India’s corresponding “Go East policy.”

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