NLD women’s groups formed in 22 townships

New Delhi (Mizzima) – The National League for Democracy (NLD), in its drive to expand party organization, has thus far established women’s groups in 22 townships across the country, according party sources.

Since last June, the NLD’s Women’s Affairs Taskforce has supervised the establishment of the women’s groups in the divisions of Rangoon, Mandalay and Tenasserim.“Our main job is to organize. As groups of youth and women are part of the NLD, they can support the implementation of the party’s plans,” said Dr. May Win Myint, in charge of the NLD’s Women’s Affairs Taskforce in Rangoon Division.

Twelve of the newly established groups hail from Rangoon Division, including the townships of Kawmu, Mayangone, Hlaing, Syriam, Insein, Hlaingtharyar, Yankin, Bahan, Kayan, Tharkata and New Dagon. Meanwhile, eight groups have taken root in Tenassarim Division and two in Mandalay Division. Dr. May Win Myint said, “We have done both organizing and forming at the same time. In Rangoon, there are already 12 township women groups. We have meetings once a month. We discuss what the township groups have submitted. We explain to them the policy the NLD’s Central Executive Committee has drawn. In the headquarters, we sell things for fundraising. And we offer alms to Buddhist monks every Tuesday for the freedom of prisoners.”
Ma Aye Aye Mar, a member of the Women’s Affaris Taskforce in Mandalay Division, added, “According to instructions from the Central Executive Committee, there remain two groups to be organized in the Northwest and Northeast Townships in Mandalay Division. Women from Meikhtilar and Wandwin have informed us of their desire to organize township women’s groups there. We’re waiting for the nod from the township chairman.”

Mandalay’s Southeast and Southwest Township women’s groups were formed, respectively, on the 5th and 15th of last month.

Further bolstering recent organizational initiatives, members from the NLD’s Youth Affairs have also been organizing in some areas of Upper Burma.

The NLD’s Women’s Affairs Taskforce falls under the Committee of Women Affairs.

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