Mara armed group extorts money from Chin people

Khonumthung News
THURSDAY, 14 JANUARY 2010 14:24

14 January 2010: There is no let up in the sufferings of the Chin people. The Mara armed group is now collecting money from Chin people, who are suffering from the affects of a famine in some villages of Paletwa Township in southern Chin state, western Burma.

The armed group collected Kyat 8 lakhs each from the Wadaikung and Wyaiwa villages, which is five days journey from Paletwa town from 15 to 20 December 2009, a report said.

The armed group sent about 12 members but only two entered the village and collected the money through the respective village chairmen.

The Mara People’s Army (MPA) collects not only money but also locally made guns from the villages in southern Chin state where Mara people stay. The Mara Peace Commission – Mara social organizations and religious leaders have rejected the Mara People’s Army (MPA). They declared it an illegal outfit on 18 July in Mara district, Mizoram state, northeast India.

The Mara People’s Army was set up on 15 June 2009 by a retired military officer under the junta’s tutelage. Now there are about 20 armed members. In a statement, they said their main target is to have a local self government and a separate Maraland where all Mara people can stay together.

The Mara People’s Army (MPA) supports the junta. They had an hour’s meeting in Chappui village in Saiha district, Mizoram with Matupi township Sabawngte village based LIB 140, Second Battalion Commander Aung Myo Hlai on 12 August 2009. About 60,000 Mara people live in Paletwa, Matupi, Thantlang in southern Chin state, Burma and different parts of Mizoram state, India.

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