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Hmong refugees forced repatriation

December 30, 2009

Hmongs in a military truck leave from a Phetchabun camp to Laos on Monday. Thailand on 28 December 2009 began deporting 4,000 ethnic Hmong refugees to Laos despite international appeals to the government to reconsider the involuntary repatriation to an un.
by Nation
Hmong’s sad treatment
First, remember that the Hmong were the Lao mountain soldiers that fought on behalf of the USA and Thailand during the Vietnam war. They were highly regarded as fighters, and they played a major part in keeping Laos in the control of our allies until the end.

Among the present Hmong refugees is a small group known as the ”Jungle Hmong” who will be going back to predictable brutality and maybe even death. They are a rebellious group that remained in the jungle after the communist’s victory and refused to assimilate or cooperate. They thought of themselves as patriots and awaited the day when they might help free their country from their old enemy, likely with ongoing encouragement from some Hmong who escaped to other countries. continue

Laos to educate Hmong not to flee country again
“Lao officials will educate the returnees to make sure they are not tricked into leaving the country again and to prevent them falling victim to human trafficking,” the state-run Vientiane Times reported.

Thailand on Monday deported more than 4,000 Hmong asylum-seekers from detention centres in Phetchabun and Nong Khai provinces, despite protests from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the US government and European Union. continue

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