First 500 Households Await Relocation From Irrawaddy Dam Site

Written by KNG
Thursday, 24 December 2009

Relocation has been ordered for the first 500 households in the Myitsone dam project site in Irrawaddy River in Burma’s northern Kachin State during the inaugural ceremony for construction on December 21, said participants.

Burmese military officers attending the inaugural ceremony also mentioned that each household to be relocated will be provided a one-time grant such as a sack of milled-rice and a viss of edible oil (1 Viss = 1.6 Kilograms) soon, according to residents of the dam site who were forced to attend the ceremony.Burma-Asia World Company, the contractor of the dam will construct the homes for the 500 households, who will be relocated. The new village is earmarked between Chyinghkrang village and Lungga Zup village, about 20 miles north of Kachin’s capital Myitkyina. Continue reading “First 500 Households Await Relocation From Irrawaddy Dam Site”

FEATURE BGF plans: not a win-win approach

Wed 23 Dec 2009, Taing Taw
The State Peace and Development Council’s (SPDC) transformation of ethnic minority ceasefire groups into Border Guard Forces (BGF) is not going to be a win-win approach to resolving strife between the Burmese government and ethnic minorities. Instead, this approach will ultimately create a new civil war in Burma that will burden the international community. Both sides cannot win in a civil war game, a truth that has been proven repeatedly since Burma attained independence from Britain over half a century ago. Ethnic minority leaders in particular want to avoid civil war, because their people, who largely live in Burma’s countryside, have bourn the brunt of Burma’s civil strife.

“The Burmese government gives them provisions and salaries, and then they have to change their [ethnic] battledress to the Burmese’s authorities’ uniforms,” the chairman of the largest Mon political party, the New Mon State Party (NMSP) chairman Nai Hongsa explained in IMNA newsgroup’s December 15th article.
“They have to obey orders given by the Burmese authorities. Before they worked for their ethnic groups, now they have to obey what the authorities say. On one hand, the authorities will give them food, and on the other hand, the authorities will give them orders. They don’t have the opportunity to make [their own] decisions. And also they lose their ethic rights.”

The SPDC has, in the past, accused Nai Hongsa of inciting violence between the Burmese government and the Mon people; the Burmese government views him as the first ethnic ceasefire group leader to strongly oppose the SPDC’s 2008 constitutional referendum and BGF plans. He rarely visits the country, because he does not support his party’s alliance with the SPDC. After becoming the general secretary of the NMSP in 2001, his party’s relationship with the SPDC has gone downhill. His chairman, General Htaw Mon, is also pessimistic regarding the border guard force plan.
If given a deadline for transforming their anti-BGF stances, ethnic ceasefire groups like the NMSP will likely attempt to align themselves with the existing non-ceasefire armed groups, such as the Karen National Union (KNU) and the Karen National People’s Party (KNPP), to fight back against the government in Nypyidaw for self-leadership. While a number of ethnic ceasefire groups, including the Karen Peace Force (KPF) and the Karen Independence Organization (KIO), will likely accept the SPDC’s deadline for transforming their armed wings into Border Guard Forces, several more ceasefire groups, such as the United Wa State Army (UWSA) and the NMSP, have already decided not to accept the deadline set by the SPDC, or to change their anti-Border Guard Force political stances. Continue reading “FEATURE BGF plans: not a win-win approach”

Death Watch For MiG by strategypage

Death Watch For MiG

December 24, 2009: Myanmar is buying twenty MiG-29s from Russia. Myanmar bought its first twelve MiG-29s in 2001. This new sale will earn Russia some criticism, because Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a military dictatorship with a very bad international reputation. But Russia is desperate to keep the MiG-29 from fading away. To that end, Russia also ordered 24 MiG-29Ks for its sole aircraft carrier, to replace the Su-33s that currently serve on the ship. However, most of the current news about the Mig-29 has been bad.
Malaysia, for example, admitted that it is getting rid of its MiG-29 fighters because the aircraft are too expensive to maintain. It costs about $5 million a year, per aircraft, to keep them in flying condition. Three years ago, Malaysia bought two more MiG-29s, in addition to the 18 it got in the 1990s. Two of those were lost due to accidents. Malaysia has since ordered 18 Su-30 fighters, and will apparently order more to replace the MiG-29s. Malaysia also bought eight F-18Ds in the 1990s, and is getting rid of those as well. Russia has offered better prices on maintenance contracts for new Su-30s, in addition to bargain (compared to U.S. planes) prices. continue

Breaking News Information release 24 – December -2009 Female political prisoner Tin Tin Htwe@ Ma Pae dies in Prison

On 23 December Tin Tin Htwe@ Ma Pae, aged only 38, died in Insein prison from a burst aneurysm. She was initially in Tharrawaddy prison hospital before being transferred to Insein prison after her condition deteriorated.

She was arrested on 26 September 2007 with 14 other political activists because of their involvement in the 2007 Saffron Revolution and initially they were released with bail. However, on 24 November 2007, they were sentenced under sections 332 (hindering a public servant from carrying out their duty) and 294 (covering obscene acts and songs in public) to three years and three months with hard labor.

In 2009, there have been three political prisoner deaths. Salai Hla Moe, Saw Char Late and Tin Tin Htwe, died in prison without getting proper medical health care.

According AAPP’s documentation, there are 143 political prisoners who have died in prison since 1988.


For media interviews, please contact:
Tate Naing, Secretary: +66 (0) 81-287-8751
Bo Kyi, Joint-Secretary: +66 (0) 81-324-8935

Tin Tin Htwe, who was arrested during the 2007 Saffron Revolution, died in Insein Prison hospital on Wednesday

Tin Tin Htwe, who was arrested during the 2007 Saffron Revolution, died in Insein Prison hospital on Wednesday night, according to Assistance Association for Political Prisoners in Burma (AAPP), a Thailand-based organization working for the rights of political prisoners in Burma. .

Tin Tin Htwe, 38, from Bahan Township in Rangoon, reportedly died of a heart condition.

Her neighborhood, located within a kilometer east of Shwedagon Pagoda, was the scene of the first deadly crackdown during the Saffron Revolution when security forces fired on Buddhist monks.

She was arrested on Sept. 26, 2007, accused with 14 others of hurling stones at riot police. She was charged under sections 332 (hindering public servants from carrying out their duties) and 294 (obscene acts and songs in public), and released on bail. In November 2008 she was sentenced to three years and three months with hard labor, according to AAPP.

She was incarcerated in Pegu Division’s Tharrawaddy Prison in 2008 before her recent transfer to Rangoon’s Insein Prison hospital due to her deteriorating health.

The healthcare system in Burma’s prisons is notoriously inefficient. “There are not enough medications in prison hospitals. There is no timely response to prisoners’ health problems,” said Bo Kyi, the joint-secretary of AAPP.

Two other political prisoners also died in 2009––Salai Hla Moe, a member of the National League for Democracy, and Saw Cha Leik, a member of Karen National Union, who died in Myingyan and Thayet prisons respectively.

Tin Tin Htwe’s death increased the number of political prisoners who have died in Burma’s prisons to 143 since 1988.

According to AAPP, her body was moved on Wednesday night to her family home in Bahan and was to be cremated the following day.

A total of 2,173 political prisoners are being held in prisons throughout Burma. The military government stopped allowing visits of International Committee for the Red Cross personnel to prisons in 2005.

Informaiton Written by KNU Office 23.12.

ေတာင္ငူခရုိင္ – တပ္မဟာ(၂) ေဒသ သတင္း

ဖေလးဆာလုိ အေျခစုိက္ ရန္သူ စကခ(၅)တပ္ ဗ်ဴဟာမွဴးတစ္ဦး ပါ၀င္သည့္ ၄င္းတပ္ဖြဲ ့ သည္ဖေလးဆာလုိမွ သေျပညြန္ ့သုိ ့၁၆၊ ၁၂၊ ၂၀၀၉ ဆင္းသြားရန္ ညေန ၁၆း၁၆ နာရီအခ်ိန္၌ က်ေနာ္တုိ ့အထူးေပ်ာက္ႀကားတပ္ဖြဲ ့မွ ရန္သူအား ကမူလုိ ႏွင့္ ထီးမူထာ ႀကားတြင္ တစ္ႀကိမ္တိုက္ပြဲ ျဖစ္ပြားရန္ ရန္သူ တပ္မွ (၁၄)ဦးေသ၊ (၁၇)ဦး ဒဏ္ရာရ။ ေသဆုံးသူမ်ားထဲတြင္ ဗ်ဴဟာမွဴးတစ္ဦးပါ၀င္။

၁၇၊ ၁၂၊ ၀၉ ရက္ေန ့ ၁၄း၃၀ နာရီ၌ ရန္သူအား ထီးညာပယ္လုိ စခန္းအနီး၌ တႀကိမ္ေပ်ာက္ႀကားပစ္ ခတ္ရန္ နအဖ တပ္ (၁)ဦးဒဏ္ရာရ။

၁၈၊ ၁၂၊၀၉ ေန့ ၁၂း၃၀ အခ်ိန္က်ေနာ္တုိ ့အထူးေပ်ာက္ႀကားတပ္ဖြဲ ့မွ ဒဏ္ရာရေသာသူမ်ားအား ျပန္ပုိ ့ေသာ ရန္သူတပ္အား ကေလာ္မီဒါးႏွင့္ ပလဲ၀ ႀကားတြင္ပစ္ခတ္ရန္ နအဖ တပ္ (၅)ဦးေသ၊ (၉)ဦး ဒဏ္ရာရ။ ေသဆုံးသူမ်ားထဲထြင္ ဗုိလ္ေလး (၁)ဦးပါ၀င္။

ထန္းတပင္ျမိဳ ့နယ္ရွိ ရန္သူ စကခ(၇) ဖေလးဆာလုိ အေျခစုိက္ တပ္မ်ားသည္ ၂၀၊ ၁၂၊ ၀၉ ရက္ေန ့ ၌ ရြာသူရြာသားမ်ားအာ နအဖတပ္ ထီးမူထါစခန္းမွ ဖေလးဆာလုိစခန္းသုိ ့ ေပၚတာ အျဖစ္ အတင္းအက်ပ္ရိတၡာပုိ ့ ခုိင္းေစသည္။ အခုိင္းခံရသူမ်ားမွာ ဖေလးဆာလုိရြာ က်ား(၂၅)ဦး မ(၂၄)ဦး၊ ယာလုိရြာ က်ား(၁၅)ဦး မ(၁၄)ဦး၊ ေလ့အုိလုိေပါပါ ရြာ က်ား(၇)ဦး မ(၅)ဦး၊ ပေလာမူဒါးရြာ က်ား(၆)ဦး မ(၈)ဦး။

၂၀၊ ၁၂၊ ၀၉ ရက္ေန ့မွစ၍ နအဖ တပ္ စကခ(၇) ေဘာဂလိႀကီး အေျခစုိက္ တပ္မ်ားသည္ ေကာ္သဲဒါးရြာ၊ ကေလစုိးခီးရြာ၊ ၀ါေသာခုိရြာ၊ လုိကုိရြာ သားတုိ ့အား တအိမ္တစ္ေယာက္စီ မူေဒးဖြီးေဒးမွ ကုိးေဒး၊ သေအးထ ရွိ နအဖ တပ္စခန္းမ်ားဆီသုိ ့ယေန ့အထိ ေပၚတာအျဖစ္ ရိတၡာမ်ား ကုိ ေန ့တုိင္းပုိ ့ခုိင္း အတင္းအက်ပ္ေစခုိင္းေနပါသည္။

( စကခ (၅) မွုး ခင္ေမာင္ဆင့္ေရ… မင္းအလွည့္ေတာ့နီးလာၿပီ၊ မိန္းမေနာင္ ေရး၊ သမီးေနာင္ေရးတြက္ဘာမွမပူနဲ႔။

သြားစရာရိွတာ ရဲရဲသြားပါ။)

ဖာပြန္ခရုိင္ – တပ္မဟာ(၅) ေဒသ ရန္သူ လွဳပ္ရွားမွဳမ်ား

၁၈၊ ၁၂၊ ၀၉ ရက္ေန ့ က်ေနာ္တုိ ့စစ္ေႀကာင္းမွ တပ္ခြဲတစ္ခုက ရန္သူ အား ထုိ၀ါးထာ ၌ တႀကိမ္သြားပစ္ခတ္ရန္ ထိခုိ္က္ဒဏ္ရာရမွဴသတင္း မသိရေသး။ ၁၈၊ ၁၂၊ ၀၉ ရက္ေန ့ ၀၂း၄၀ နာရီ၌ က်ေနာ္တုိ ့အထူးေပ်ာက္ႀကားတပ္ဖြဲ ့မွ ရန္သူအား ေနးစီလုိမူပေလာေဒသ၌ ပစ္ခတ္ရန္ ရန္သူ (၆)ဦး ဒဏ္ရာရ။ ထုိေန ့ ၁၁း၁၂ နာရီအခ်ိန္ ရန္သူေနရာ ဆ၀ယ္က်ိဴး ေဆးေဒး နယ္ေျမ၌ ေပ်ာက္က်ားပစ္ခတ္ရာ ရန္သူ (၁)ဦးေသဆုံး ျမင္ေတြ ့ရ၊ ထုိ ေန ့ ၁၃း၁၆ နာရီ၌ ရန္သူအား ဆ၀ယ္က်ိဴး၌ ေခ်ာင္းေျမာင္းပစ္ခတ္ရန္ ရန္သူ အေသအေပ်ာက္မသိရ၊ ဆက္လက္ျပီး ၁၄း၃၆ နာရီ အခ်ိန္၌ က်ေနာ္တုိ ့ႏွင့္ ရန္သူတပ္ လုိေဘြထာ အရပ္တြင္ ရင္ဆုိင္တုိက္ပြဲျဖစ္ရာ ရန္သူတစ္ဦးေသသည္ကုိ ျမင္ေတြ ့ရ။

၁၉၊ ၁၂၊ ၂၀၀၉ ရက္ေန ့က်ေနာ္တုိ ့ရန္သူတပ္ႏွင့္ ဒါးသယ္ထာႏွင့္သီရုိးထာ ႀကားတြင္ ရင္ဆုိင္တုိက္ပြဲျဖစ္ရာ ရန္သူ တစ္ဦးေျခေထာက္တြင္ဒဏ္ရာရ။

DKBA ဘူလုိး နယ္ အေျခစုိက္ အင္အား(၆၀၀) ေက်ာ္ သည္ယခုအခါ ေနာက္တပ္အင္အား (၁၀၀) ထပ္ျဖည့္ လာျပီး ခုိသြီထာ အရပ္သုိ ့နယ္ေျမတုိးခ်ဲ ့၊ ေနာက္ထပ္အင္အား (၄၀၀) ထပ္လာမည္ သတင္းရရွိ၊ ယခုဒီေကဘီေအ မွ နအဖ တပ္မ (၄၄) အား အကူအညီေတာင္း၊ ခမရ ၃၁၈ တပ္ရင္း ၂ ရင္း၊ ေရွ့လုပ္ငန္းစဥ္ မသိရေသး၊

ယခု နအဖတပ္ စကခ (၂၁) တပ္မ်ား ဖလါးေဂၚ၊ လုိမူပေလါ၊ ေစာ္မူပေလါ၊ ေစာ္ထ ေဒသ၌ နအဖတပ္ စကခ(၃) တပ္မ်ားႏွင့္လာေရာက္ပူးေပါင္းျပီး လမ္းျပင္ ရိကၡာပုိ ့ မျပီးေသး၊ နအဖ တပ္ စကခ (၇) ႏွင့္ စကခ (၅) တပ္ရင္းသုံးရင္း စုိးက်ိဴး ႏွင့္ စီေဒး အထိေရာက္ရွိလာ ကား၀ါ(ေျမထုိးစက္-ျဖစ္ႏုိင္)ပါယူလာျပီး ေခးပူ အထိေရာက္လာ၇န္ရွိ။ ယခု က်ေနာ္တုိ ့(တပ္မဟာ-၅) နယ္ေျမ၊ နယ္ေျမခြဲ ၁၊၃၊၄ နယ္ေျမတြင္ ရန္သူတပ္ ၀င္ေရာက္မွဳ အင္အားမ်ားလာ။

မွတ္ခ်က္၊ KNU ရံုးမွသတင္းထုတ္ျပန္ခ်က္ကိုဘာသာျပန္ထားၿပီး အနီေရာငေရာင္စာလံုးသည္ ဘာသာျပန္သူ၏အာေဘာ္ျဖစ္ပါသည္။