Burmese Army Collects Opium Plantation Taxes in Shan State

Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 12:14

The active Burmese Army’ Battalions that operate in Larng Khur township, southern Shan State have forced local villagers to pay the opium plantation taxes otherwise they would be punished, said a local source.

On November 19, 2009 at 8 pm Capt. Kyaw Win Myint led 20 soldiers from IB 525 and IB 99 ordered the villagers from Hway Nein tract and Nam Mai Kai tract, Larng Khur township to pay the opium plantation taxes and 1,400,000 kyat was given by the villagers.

550,000 kyat was given by Wan Hway Nein village, Wan Pone Lao village and Wan Lao Yao from Hway Nein tract while 850,000 kyat was given by Wan Pan Soon village, Wan Nam Tae village, Wan Pan Zan village and Wan Nam Mai Kai village from Nam Mai Kai tract.

Burmese Army also ordered villagers that they had to pay all the taxes within that night.


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