Burma traditional cosmetic paste wins int’l awards

traditional cosmetic paste, known as Thanakha in Myanmar language and produced by the “Shwe Pyi Nan” Company, has won two international awards presented by the Philippines, sources with the company said on Wednesday.

The awards given are titled — 2008 Global Excellence Awards and 2009 People’s Choice Awards, the sources said.

The company’s ready-made Thanakha products are being exported to Thailand and the Philippines, the sources said, adding that, these products are also seeking export market to South Korea.

Myanmar has opened its first traditional cosmetic paste museum in the ancient city of Bagan to introduce to the world its Thanakha, which is a kind of tree and its bark and root are used in making a fragrant paste for cosmetic purposes

Collected nationwide by the famous private company of Shwe Pyi Nan since 1999, these 100-year-old rare and valuable Thanakha trees with flat and circular stone used for grinding Thanakha or medicinal herbs in successive eras are displayed at the museum.

The Myanmar Thanakha traditional cosmetic paste has also traditionally attracted tourists visiting the country, standing as one of the popular local cosmetic products that world travelers used to buy for its wonder when they land in Myanmar.

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