Sei Poe Kee IDP Camp Primary School close to the Thai-Burma border urgently needs water piping to extend the drinking water supply to the school, dormitory and villagers

Currently the students, who are under age 10, and villagers have to walk very far and carry drinking water back to their homes every day. The amount needed is 15,000 THB for the pipeline material only. Labour and transportation costs will be donated voluntarily by KYO and the villagers.

Kwee Lay Middle School in Kwee Lay Township, Doothahtu District (Thaton), Karen State, was built in 1962. Now the school is very old and in rainy season the roof leaks so much that the students cannot study in the building, so the community and students would really like to build a new school. They have already collected the wood to build the school but they really need donations for the following:

Zinc roofing sheets (200 sheets)
Nails (20 viss)
Labour (joiner) fees (5 people @ 2000 baht each)
Elephant hire fees (to carry the supplies)
Wood sealant/treatment
Door handle and lock holder
Total amount needed for Kwee Lay Middle School is 40,400 THB.

Total amount needed for all three schools: 95,400 THB. Please contact us if you can help.

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