Two political prisoners were released along with 57 other prisoners

Buthidaung: Two political prisoners were released along with 57 other prisoners from Buthidaung prison in northern Arakan State on the night of 18 September, said a government official close to the prison authority.

“The prison authority released 59 prisoners – 54 are male and 5 are female – at 11 pm on the day. Two political prisoners were included among thsoe released,” the source said.

The released political prisoners were identified as Ko Nyi Nyin Min from the NLD and Ko Thura Win from a student group, but both are from Burma proper.

In Buthidaung prison there are 21 political prisoners including prominent 88 student leader Ko Htay Kwe, NLD Taungup Township Vice President U Khin Hla, Saffron Revolution monk leader U Ei Thiriya, and female NLD youth leader Ma Ni Ni Mya Myin, but none of them were released.

Buthiduang prison is known as the location where the military authority places prisoners who have been sentenced for political activities.

A released prisoner from Maungdaw told Narinjara yesterday over the phone that the prison authority gave each released prisoner 1,000 kyat for traveling expenses.

The prisoners who were included on the list to be released were gathered in the prison hall at 5 pm to sign documents related to the process of releasing prisoners.

Some prisoners were also released from prison in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan, and Kyauk Pru, the second largest city in Arakan, but accordint to reports there were no political prisoners included in those releases.

The Burmese military junta announced that it would grant amnesty to 7,114 prisoners, but only about 100 political prisoners were granted amnesty. Over 2,000 political prisoners remain in several prisons throughout Burma.

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