Burma’s New Sham Democratic Party

With Than Shwe’s bogus 2010 election just around the corner credibility has become a major issue. And with good reason since the junta did not like the outcome of the election of 1990 even though they sponsored it. You remember, that’s the election Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy won a landslide victory over Than Shwe’s regime. Sadly the voice of the people was not recognized by Gen. Than Shwe and the world was asleep at the wheel.
The proposed election of 2010 was designed to give Burma a white wash or sugar frosting and give Than Shwe’s criminal regime a semblance of legitimacy. The other benefit to the election was to give criminally negligent corporations who’ve ignored international sanctions some breathing room from public opinion. Credibility has not been in Than Shwe’s favor and the world knows the election is a sham. But in spite of this fact Than Shwe devised a newer scheme in an effort to give his bogus election the look and feel of a real election. It’s called the Democratic Party and they will place a candidate in the running for the 2010 election. Talk about a rigged election. Why even waste the money on ballots in the first place since Than Shwe has guaranteed his generals will win no matter who runs, except the true opposition. After all, true opposition is either in prison, dead or in hiding so they are effectively out of the running, so far.
Mya Than Than Nu, the daughter of U Nu; Nay Yee Ba Swe, the daughter of late Prime Minister Ba Swe; and Cho Cho Kyaw Nyein, the daughter of late Deputy Prime Minister Kyaw Nyein are the spearheads of this new attempt to give the bogus election of 2010 a face lift. Did Than Shwe really think he was going to slip this one by the world audience or is he as stupid as many of his generals says he is? I will leave that open to debate. Anyway, these three gals are going to run a staged opposition under the banner of the new *Democratic Party.
With the children of his cronies running the opposition I truly doubt these gals will want to give up the opulent life they lead or do time for winning the election like Aung San Suu Kyi. The sins of their fathers will not be an issue regardless of their blood soaked histories. Ethnic cleansing as well as wholesale genocide will not be an issue either since the 2010 elections will also provide amnesty to generals for all their heinous acts of brutality. Yes, it will be an election to behold as Than Shwe pushes to legitimize his criminal regime. And there sits the UN’s Ban Ki-moon hiding under the sofa hoping it will all go away and pinheads like U.S. Senator Jim Webb who can’t see past their wallets.
The fix is already in since the junta forced a new and totally unacceptable Constitution onto the people of Burma in 2008. Through threats of death and starvation Than Shwe coerced people to vote yes as well as fix ballot boxes. Nothing like gun barrel politics to usher in more restrictive and totalitarian rules to keep a nation in bondage. With the Three Stoogettes (Mya, Nay and Cho) at the helm of the new Democratic Party the elections will be the mockery of the century but sadly the joke will be on the people of Burma.
* http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=16788
Your Devil’s Advocate

One thought on “Burma’s New Sham Democratic Party

  1. While it is clear to see that the author of this article has a deep and sincere compassion for the people of Burma, s/he has unfortunately got a few crucial facts wrong. Un Nu, U Ba Swe and U Kyaw Nyein undoubtedly held key government positions in their time, but that was during the democratc period from 1948 to 1962. Regardless of what one might think of their governance and policies, it is a gross inaccuracy to label them “cronies” of General Than Shwe, and thereby dismiss the political activities of their daughters as a “sham”. The military has their own select roup of candidates running for the 2010 election, and these special few will enjoy a great and unfair advantage – of that there is no doubt. However, it is totally outrageous to suggest that Than Than Nu, for instance, whose father U Nu was imprisoned and then exiled by General Ne Win, might in any way be a “Stoogette” of General Than Shwe.

    Finally, I am at a loss to understand the “sins of the fathers” might be, and exactly what “blood soaked histories” the author might be referring to. Perhaps the author is unaware that there was a series of democratically elected governments in Burma after independence from the British, and that U Nu, U Ba Swe and U Kyaw Nyein were all well-respected political leaders and statesmen in their time, both at home, as well as internationally.

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