Myo Yan Naung Thein is released!!

Myo Yan Naung Thein is one of the student leaders with his firm determination in restoration of democracy in Burma. He is the prominent student leader and due to his leading role in 1996 December Student Demonstrations, he was sentenced to prison for 7 years by military government in 1997. He is the leading members of the 88-generation student and he has been working for democratisation of Burma for very long time. n34751114240_4483

Speaking English, French and Spanish very fluently, and he always plays vital role in struggle for freedom in Burma. He was actively participated in 2007 Saffron revolution. Because of his political activities: military government monitor him very closely all the time. On 14th December2007, he was arrested second time and charged him under emergency political act 5(J) and he is now in Insein prison. During interrogations, he was severely tortured and he sacrificed his life for people of Burma.He is blood brother of Myo Thein (Burma Democratic Concern)

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