to participate in the 2010 elections (if allowed to do so – there is not yet a new party registration law) might give them a small opposition voice in a new government, but it would effectively eliminate the victory the NLD won in the 1990 elections.

A vote for Webb’s Myanmar opening
By David I Steinberg

United States Senator James Webb’s recent visit to Myanmar has come under fire from the Burmese democracy movement. The protests, while sincere and well-intended, miss the point of Webb’s visit – he was not there to praise or legitimize the ruling junta but to help craft a more effective policy aimed at its removal and the restoration of democracy to this proud land.

Writing in the Washington Post recently, U Win Tin, a founder of the National League for Democracy (NLD) party and a former political prisoner (from 1989 to 2008) lamented that Webb’s visit was “damaging to our democracy movement”. I believe he misses important aspects of the Barack Obama administration’s continue
A vote for Webb’s Myanmar opening

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