A dozen children were reportedly arrested and interrogated by the police after play-acting a demonstration on Friday in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State in western Burma

“The children were brought to Police Station No. 1 and questioned about their game playing, which involved them shouting “our cause, our cause” just like an adult demonstration,” he said.

The children are said to have played their “our cause” game at the road junction outside the Government Electricity Supply Office in Sittwe.

“They were asked the main question about why they were playing the game, and who made them shout together “our cause, our cause” like staging a demonstration, and whether any adults were behind them, etcetera,” said the relative reporting what the children had told him.

The children were spotted and arrested by police patrolling the city during heightened security in Sittwe. Authorities have deployed additional forces and are watching the city very closely in order to pre-empt any unrest during the anniversary of the monk uprising known as the Saffron Revolution.

The children’s parents had to sign for their release under a warning that they would be punished if their children play that kind of game again in the future,” the source added.

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