3 Soldiers Sentenced to 5 Years Hard Labor for Murdering Sergeant

Minbya: Three private soldiers in Arakan State were sentenced to five years in prison with hard labor by a court martial under the army act for murdering a sergeant, said a source close to the army.

“They were sentenced to five years in prison with hard labor recently for killing a sergeant in a village near an army headquarters,” he said.

The culprits were identified as Private Soe Soe, Maung Yin Chay, and Aung Kyaw from Army Training School No. 9 in Arakan’s Minbya Township.

According to an army source, on 18 July Sergeant Htun Oo was murdered by the three soldiers, who had been drinking, in Chay Wra Village near the school.

After the murder, the soldiers left the body of Htun Oo in a room of the village primary school and fled the scene to avoid arrest by the army.

However, the authorities found and arrested the three soldiers in a ward of Mrauk U, the ancient city of Arakan, on 25 July, 2009.

“Army authorities formed a court martial led by Colonel Saw Htwe, who is head of the army central training school in Minbya Township, to investigate and try the case,” the source added.

The court found the three soldiers guilty of murder and sentenced them to five years in prison with hard labor under army law.

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