Wa to hold late leader’s funeral today

SATURDAY, 12 SEPTEMBER 2009 11:55 S.H.A.N.
Junta’s letter replied

Due to the yet to be resolved tensions with the country’s military rulers, the Wa leaders gathering at Hsaopha, Pangwai township, opposite China’s Cangyuan, decided yesterday to conduct the funeral of Chao Ngi-lai, the Wa State founder who passed away on 8 September today, said a source close to the leadership.The funeral services will be at 14:00 local time. Few leaders from the allied groups and the Burma Army are expected to be present there due to short notice, he added.

The UWSA had also reviewed its 3 September decision not to respond to the Burma Army’s demand that it extradite Peng Jiasheng, deposed Kokang leader who was suspected to be taking asylum in the Wa territory, according to him. “A meeting held two days later resolved that a reply was in order,” he said.

The gist of the reply was that Peng Jiasheng came to Namteuk aka Nandeng, opposite Kokang’s Chin Shwe Haw (Qinshuihe), and stayed there for 3 days, 27-29 August, while the battle for Qinshuihe was taking place. “He left on 30 August, following the fall of Qinshuihe,” he recounted. “He didn’t tell us where he was heading for.”

The reply was most likely prompted by the UWSA’s “friends across the border,” commented a Burma watcher on the Thai-Burma border.
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