Deadline for Chinese to leave ceasefire areas over

News – Shan Herald Agency for News
FRIDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2009 10:35

The deadline set by Chinese authorities for all Chinese citizens to leave ceasefire areas in Burma ended yesterday.

In the aftermath of the armed conflict between the Burmese Army and the Kokan Army in northern Shan State at the end of August, Chinese authorities fixed a deadline for September 8 for all Chinese to leave the UWSA and NDAA controlled areas.

In terms of topography, the armed conflict area was in territories controlled by these two ceasefire groups.

A source close to Chinese authorities said that “China had set a deadline for September 8 for all Chinese citizens to leave Wa and Mongla areas. The deadline is over but we have to wait and see what happens in this area.”

On September 5, UWSA released a statement relating to the people who live in their controlled areas. The statement declared that they would continue to allow people on duty from international organizations to stay. But Chinese people, who had set up business ventures in their areas, would have to go back to China.

“Chinese businessmen and state employees have left Pang Sang, controlled by UWSA, Mongla, and NDAA,” a source close to ceasefire groups said.

“Chinese businessmen left Mongla and Pang Sang. They took their belongings in cars. Casinos have been closed in Mongla.” Some Chinese people have gone to the Sino-Burma town of Ruili, an eyewitness said.

“The Chinese from Wa and Mongla arrived in Ruili. Some of them have bought and rented shops for starting business afresh. They said they had moved to carry on their business because the situation had worsened on the Burma border.”

According to analysts, the main reason behind the Chinese people leaving the area was that the Burmese Army could launch military offensives against the remaining ceasefire groups.

In a contradiction junta’s puppet media said that people, who fled the area following clashes in the Kokang area, have been coming back home and the situation in the area had normalized but Chinese businessmen have left UWSA and NDAA controlled areas.

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