A 15 member Chinese delegation coming across the border was received by Wa officials yesterday, according to sources close to the United Wa State Army (UWSA), as tensions continue mounting between the group and Burma’s ruling military junta.

Chinese officials visit Panghsan

The delegation was made up of representatives from various government agencies: military, police, border security, crossborder trade and agriculture, among others. Identities of participants were not disclosed, apart from saying that most of the top Wa leaders are now in Hsaopha to attend the funeral of the Wa State founder Chao Ngi-lai, who died on 8 September.
Yesterday’s meeting where host officials were being questioned about the current stormy relations with Naypyitaw lasted 09:00-11:00. “It ended with a closing speech by a visiting official that China would be happy to see Burma resolve its problems in a peaceful manner,” said a source.

The speech echoed what Jiang Yu, China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman said yesterday, according to Xinhua, in response to a question whether or not China had provided information that had led to the Burma Army’s recent crackdown on the Wa’s northern ally Kokang: “China never interferes in Myanmar’s internal affairs and would like to see Myanmar resolve its issues though peaceful consultations.”

The Wa territory on the Sino-Burma is now besieged by the Burma Army in the north and southwest. The Salween forms a natural barrier in the west and China a political barrier in the east. Only a small corridor exists between it and its southeastern ally, Mongla-based National Democracy Alliance Army (NDAA).
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