Two bombs blasts target Burmese government troops

Wed 09 Sep 2009, IMNA, Rai Maraoh
On September 9th at 9:40 am, two bombs exploded in succession at that a site about 1 quarter mile from the Northern side of Three Pagoda Pass [TPP] town.

The explosions took place at an abandon checkpoint formerly controlled by the Karen Peace Force (KPF) on the road to Maketa forest near a checkpoint of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA). According to villagers, village militiamen from Three Pagoda Pass town also used to keep watch there.

“The explosions were very loud. Even when I was in the town [TPP] I heard them very clearly,” said a resident from TPP. “But there were no injuries. On a usual day the place where the explosion occurred is occupied by wood collectors and carriers that go from Burma to Thai side of the border. But today when the explosions occurred no one had yet arrived there, that’s why no one injured.”

The group or organization responsible for setting off the bomb blasts has yet to be identified. Analysis from military experts in the area indicate that the explosions were likely to have been caused by a claymore type anti-personnel mine that can triggered remotely.

“This morning the [Light Infantry Battalion] LIB No. 283 troops, who had been deployed together with DKBA troops for operations in Maketa forest [returned],” a TPP resident explained. “After they passed the site about 60 yards behind them the [two] explosions occurred.”

According to some experts (who did not wish to be named) on armed groups based in Three Pagoda Pass town, the type of mines some suspect were detonated in the explosion are used by the KNU.

In a previous bombing on June 28th, two bombs were denoted in the TPP area. One exploded in front of the gate of IB No. 32 and the other 100 yards from IB No. 32. In both blast no soldiers or civilians were injured.

The June 28th explosions were investigated by authorities but there have been no results to indicate who was responsible for the blasts.

After the previous explosions TPP authorities tightened security in the area, however after the most recent explosions the authority have not tightened security, said a source close to a resident in the area.

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