Rebel kin on the run

As tensions between Wa and the Burma Army that has recently seized control of Kokang increased, families and relatives of the Wa leadership have been quietly taking refuge in neighboring countries, several sources on the border reported.
They however have not given specific information.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed report coming from a reliable Kokang rebel source says Peng Xiaoyi, the third daughter of Peng Jiasheng, deposed Kokang leader, was arrested on Wednesday (2 September) at the Mingladon airport along with her children. “She was about to leave the country,” said the source.

Wife of Peng’s younger brother Jiafu, who is living in Rangoon, was also detained the day before. “All their houses and assets in Rangoon, Mandalay, Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo) and elsewhere have been raided /searched and seized,” he said.

Overnight, Peng, who had been enjoying the status of “one of the national race leaders,” has become a drug runner after his rejection of Naypyitaw’s proposal to change his armed group a Burma Army-controlled border security force, leading the path to be followed by other ethnic leaders who, like himself, are continuing their rejection of the proposal.
shanland org

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