Local Nargis victims exploited by head of 100 Household

U Htay Tin Aung, head of 100 household from Danichaung village, Kadon-Kani village track, Bogale Township benefited by exploiting local Nargis refugees and farmers. He selfishly misused materials, which were donated by local and international NGOs for Nargis affected people.
One of the farmers said; “We lost our livestock so we were unable to farm. The donors donated three Plough machines and he took all, leaving nothing for villagers – clothes, essential materials. I wanted to catch fish with a cast-net, which was donated but only received it after I paid 5,000 Kyat for it. He is selling all valuable things until he becomes rich. Whatever things are donated need to be handed over to him.”
He further added: “100 household head, U Htay Tin Aung went to Kadon-Kani village track to feed U Zaw Min tea/coffee every morning.”
The local authorities signed a contract with local farmers that provided a loan for 100,000 per acre to buy seed from Ayeyar Delta Agri Export Co. Ltd, owned by the country’s business Tycoon, Tay Za, but the loan didn’t come for four months, so many farmers faced difficulties in growing the paddy in time.
A school building that was the only one in the area built by UNDP after Nargis had fallen down and was wrecked. According to one farmer; “The wood and roofing sheets are kept under a tent built by villagers but 100 Household head, U Htay Tin Aung took all the materials to his home. When an International donor came to build the school, his father in-law was the carpenter and mason. His men were full of the good things that came from foreign donations. Our villagers are given the things that they didn’t want. Even when we ask, we have to pay for things.”
One woman said: “ACF, the EU countries mission provided $100 US to each family but U Htay Tin Aung only gave them 75,000 Kyats each. They should have received 100,000 Kyats each.
Another woman said he shouts: “We have no chance. We should take what we can get. Nobody has removed him from his position, even king of hell unable to do so.”
Danichaung village is a big village in the Irrawaddy with around 500 households and 200 farmers living there. It is located 5 hours by motorboat from Bogale city.
One year after Nargis, the local people in the area are still facing difficulties of unemployment, living and education for children, according to a local resident from Danichaung village.

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