One day old baby girl sold to child trafficker

According to the local Thai newspaper published on the 22nd of August 2009, a mother sold her day old baby daughter to a child trafficker.
Nan Long Kan, a female Burmese passport holder gave birth to a baby girl on 9th of August in Hat Yai hospital in Songkhla province, but made a deal to sell her day old daughter for 50,000 baht to a female Thai child trafficker named Nanlitmon.
Nanlongkan had borrowed 37,000 Baht from Nanlitmon, 37, since her 7th month of pregnancy and had borrowed a further 10,400 Baht to cover the cost of giving birth. Being 47,400 Baht in debt and facing great difficulties in earning a living, she agreed to sell her daughter for the amount of 50,000 baht.
Nanlongkan, the mother of the baby, was arrested by the special unit “Women’s and Child Protection” in front of the Hopin hotel in Kanphephit city, Songkhla province after she had handed over her daughter to Nanlitmon the child trafficker.
Nanlitmon had also been arrested when she handed over a baby for 80,000 baht to a known female child trafficker from Malaysia.
Nanlitmon who lived on Moo 14/37, Kanphephit city, Songkhla province was often involved in child trafficking cases but had never been convicted. The last time she drew attention from police she was suspected of selling a baby boy. However, they were unable to convict her due to there being no witnesses or evidence. Nanlitmon had been under close watch by the Thai authorities ever since.
The news about Nanlongkan selling her one day old daughter to Nanlitmon, the female Thai child trafficker, has been shown repeatedly in both Thai national newspapers and on Thai TV channels over two days on the 22nd and 23rd August.
One day old baby girl sold to child trafficker

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