Arakan Governor Arrives in Taungup After Anti-Government Flyers Distributed

The Chairman of the Arakan State Peace and Development Council, General Thaung Aye, arrived on Monday in Taungup a day after unidentified democratic activists distributed anti-government posters in the town, said a resident.

“He arrived at our town accompanied by many army officials on Monday and he visited many government departments in our town,” he said.

General Thaung Aye, who is also commander of the Western Command, is likely visiting the town to instruct the local authorities to take action against the democratic activists who have undertaken anti-government activities in Taungup recently.

General Thaung Aye has at times visited Taungup on official business but he has never stayed overnight. However, during this trip he has remained in Taungup for two days.

“He arrived on Monday but he stayed in our town through Tuesday,” he said.

A reliable source said that the high authority is reportedly ordering all commanders around Burma to control their respective states and divisions. If they are unable to do so, the authority will take action or punish the concerned authorized person.

Because of this, it is believed that the commander came to the town as a result of the anti-government activities that took place.

A source said Communication Minister General Thein Shwe also arrived at Taungup to meet with town elders and government officials to explain the 2010 election.

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