John Yettaw on CNN on Wednesday

The Springfield News-Leader, Missouri

John Yettaw, the Laclede County man arrested in Burma while attempting to liberate a detained democracy leader, will tell his story on CNN on Wednesday, according to a news release issued by Yettaw’s attorney Chris Allen.

Yettaw, from the tiny town of Falcon — about 70 miles northeast of Springfield in Laclede County — returned to Missouri last Wednesday after generating global headlines for swimming to the home of Suu Kyi, then getting arrested and sentenced to hard labor.

Yettaw, 53, was deported Sunday from Burma after the intervention of U.S. Sen. Jim Webb.

The incident led to a trial that sparked global condemnation in which Suu Kyi was sentenced to an additional 18 months of detention for breaching the terms of her house arrest. She has already spent 14 of the past 20 years in detention.

Despite the additional penalties, Yettaw has told reporters he does not regret his actions and he believes he helped save her life.

Chris Allen, whose law practice is based in Lebanon, echoed those sentiments in the news release.

“The more I am around John, and listen to the details of his story, the more I am convinced that he did in fact save Aung Sann Suu Kyi’s life, and that his actions will effect positive and lasting change in Myanmar. I am excited for John to have this opportunity and I am looking forward to being with him in New York City when he tells CNN and the whole world his story,” Allen said in the release.

Allen and Yettaw are traveling to New York City for the Tuesday interview, which is expected to air on Wednesday, according to the news release.

Yettaw on Myanmar detention

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