GHRE Health Department becomes a member of the Thai Government Health Department

The GHRE Health Department has been legally recognized as a member of the Health Department of Phang Nga province, Southern Thailand. As a result of this the provincial Health Department can now cooperate with GHRE on health care and related activities.
On the 27th of July, Phang Nga’s provincial Health Department instituted a forum made of 79 members from organizations of other Government Departments and NGOs to monitor the dangerous H1N1 disease.
According to data shown by the Health Department in the last forum meeting, there have been 14 positive cases of H1N1 so we have been encouraged to closely monitor affected and nearby areas and have been encouraged to report to the Provincial Health Department on the 15th of every month.
A meeting will be held on the 5th of August to discuss the information collected and to discuss ways to tackle the disease.
The GHRE’s Health Department Coordinator released the following statement “ Having read GHRE’s monthly report the Thai Health Departments knows what we are doing. People in the area already had some knowledge on this issue and were aware of ways to prevent the disease from spreading. Furthermore we can also get more data from the Health Department to improve the Healthcare work we undertake and it gives us confidence to know that we can cooperate with the Government Health Department.”
Since the 2004 Tsunami GHRE’s Health Department has undertaken several Health Care and Health Education initiatives. It has also organized workshops for students in GHRE’s Learning Center and Burmese migrant communities in Phang Nga Province.

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