What the World Continues to Forget by buffalohair

Daw Aung Suu Kyi of Burma is not looking to be rescued and liberated from bondage contrary to the well meaning world. If that were the case she would have been released from incarceration and shipped out of the country, never to return. She is standing for her nation and the thousands of political prisoners. Likened to the woefully misguided John William Yettaw, the world press is filled with rhetoric and inadvertently promoting the sham 2010 election. The notion Burma’s proposed election is anywhere near legal is totally incorrect at the very least and contrary to international law, plain and simple.

The criminal regime of Gen. Than Shwe’s regime does not fall into any category within the context of legitimate nations by any means. It’s merely a band of thugs who’ve made a mockery of international law in the face of an impotent world. To hear world leaders continue to ask for Aung San Suu Kyi’s release so the bogus election can continue with legitimacy is nothing more than a contradiction. Part and parcel the world has become unwitting participants in human rights violations and genocide. Than Shwe has increased his campaign of Burmanization (rape) and ethnic cleansing as world leaders make lofty speeches. In essence the world has bought the critical time Than Shwe needed to advance his agenda of arrests and murder of the opposition while pushing to legitimizing his criminal regime. There is no constitution in Burma. The constitutional referendum of 2008 was coerced and extorted into existence by the regime and was not the will of the people. But so was the election of 1990 where Daw Aung Suu Kyi was duly elected by the people of Burma. That’s when the world should have stepped up to the plate. Now she faces further jail time from trumped up charges and as usual the world does nothing. Murder and rape prevail as human rights violations reach astronomical proportions and the United Nations sends out letters of sanction and dismay. Ban Ki-moon claims to be a man of action yet he does nothing. And to think the US gives tax payer dollars to this organization.

Hillary Clinton, China’s poster girl, rambles with useless rhetorical speeches to North Korea offering gifts while making feel good gestures to Burma proving how inert she is when faced with China’s criminal friends. Fearful of damaging both her and her husband’s lucrative partnership with China she’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt how useless she actually is. Her lists of failures are on every continent except Antarctica and Asia tops the list. What is so hard about recognizing the voice of the people and an election that made history? Sadly American politicians have succumbed to deafness from the voice of the people as well.

We’ve come full circle with debates about the criminality of Burma’s regime and rambled ad nauseum. We’ve read volumes and listened to eye witnesses about atrocities and blatant crimes against humanity. Yet we sit by in another cycle of inaction as we pander to China who is also wrapped up in crimes against humanity with the Falun Gong, the Uyghur People, Tibetans and a myriad of other groups. Guess it’s more important that we continue to purchase substandard goods from China to the joy of international corporations and the World Trade Organization. We’ve compromised our ethics and have turned our backs on staunch allies who’ve saved English and American lives as is the case with Burma, remember WWII?

It would be poetic justice the world faces a financial disaster of epic proportions if it were not for the fact the perpetrators of this disaster will not be phased. After all they got bail-outs to cushion their fall. With American and international corporations heavily vested in Burma its not hard to see that profits and natural resources are the priority and humanity is nothing more than a word. Guess sanctions only apply to some corporations eh. One day Burma will rise from the ashes of tyranny and the people of Burma will remember the shame the world shares from their ambivalence. What comes around goes around home-boy and our complacent stance with Burma’s democracy will be the death nil of ours as well.

Your Devils Advocate



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