Astrological views on solar eclipse by U Eindachaka, an Arakanese monk

Dhaka:The celestial event, the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century occurred on Wednesday inAsia. Tens of thousands of people in Bangladesh poured out on the streets and gathered in nearby stadiums to watch the phenomenon that lasted nearly three hours starting 6, a.m.
Local astronomers said the eclipse that was visible only in Asia crossed through India, Nepal,Burma, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China.

The full eclipse that lasted nearly four minutes enveloped Bangladesh’s northern districts in total darkness.

Though local astronomers and scientists had keenly waited for the rare natural phenomenon to know more about the sun, some locals believed that the rare eclipse would trigger natural disasters in the impoverished country.

As the eclipse was also visible in Burma, Narinjara contacted U Eindachaka, an Arakanese monk, living in Bangladesh, who is knowledgeable about Burmese astrology and history for his astrological viewpoints on the eclipse.

He said as the celestial event was very rare and has occurred in the season of Leo, there could be political turmoil or violence in the country and leading figures such as military leaders, political figures or the intelligentsias could be hurt or killed in the country according to the Veda, Burmese astrology.

“As such a long eclipse occurs very rarely. There can be political changes triggered by violence or war in Burma and the world could witness tense situations escalating to regional wars as well,” he predicted referring to Burmese astrology.

He added that there could be a strange change in Burma during 2010 as this kind of eclipse could affect the country within six months.

Local astronomers said that this was the longest full eclipse they had ever witnessed comparing it to eclipses in 1995 and 1980.

They predicted that another solar eclipse as long as this one would be seen on October 24, 2114.

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