Support Runners for Burma at this Sunday San Francisco Marathon (July 26)

Funds are to support Internally displaced refugees in Burma

20,000 runners will be participating in the San Francisco Marathon (26 miles) this Sunday and many of them are to promote various causes.

Organized by Burma Humanitarian Mission (BHM), 29 people are going to run representing Run For Burma awareness and fundraiser for internally displaced Refugees in Burma. Nine of that 29 runners will be representing BADA (We are joining in with BHM) that day. Some are running full marathon (26 miles) and some are doing half marathon (13 miles; mostly fist half through Golden Gate Bridge).

1. Here is how you can see/cheer the runners on the course: (They run early and the fist half will finish starting at 7:30 am).

2. Come visit and meet with the runners for Burma at the Burma booth at the finish line — near Embarcadero and Mission St. (Just north of Bay Bridge). The Burma booth will be open from 7:30 am until 1:00 pm that Sunday. So, come by as your schedule permits.

Here is the main website: (You can still register as few spots are still open)
Here is the full Marathon map:
Here is the first half map:

BHM website:
BADA website:

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