Thai border troops on alert for Burmese Army incursion

Khajohn Boonpath
More fierce fighting broke out recently around the Karen National Liberation Army’s Yamu base, located close to the Thai/Burmese border in Mae Hong Son province. As a result, Thai army patrols are being sent to areas where incursion into Thai territory by the Burmese has previously occurred.
Around 500 Burmese soldiers attacked the base with mortar and machine-gun fire; the Karen troops responded with an ambush which resulted in the death of a Burmese army officer.
The Mission Commander of the special unit of the 17th Infantry Regiment, Col. Apichet Suesat, has ordered that troops on duty near the Yamu base should be on the alert for an incursion across the border by Burmese troops aiming to attack the base from the rear.

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