Deputy PM Sanan: A(H1N1) virus in Thailand seems unstoppable

BANGKOK, July 17 (TNA) – Deputy Prime Minister Sanan Kajornprasart said on Friday the A(H1N1) virus seems to be an unstoppable pandemic in Thailand as the number of patients contracting the disease kept rising, but he encouraged the public to have hope that it can be prevented from worsening and that they can avoid contracting the virus by practicing precautions.

While polls show that some 80 per cent of Thais fear the virus, and Thai traditional herbal medicine was popular as medication preventing swine flu contraction.

Gen. Sanan said he believed the pandemic will not affect the stability of the government, as it is now doing its best to fight against the flu.

The outbreak has nothing to do with political issues, he said.

The government also encouraged the public to make their own reusable masks, as sanitary masks are now reported to be sold overpriced at Bt15 from the Bt1.5 production cost.

Meanwhile, a recent Suan Dusit Poll of 1,194 respondents indicated that 82 per cent said the viral flu situation in the country was frightening due to its rapid spread, while 18 per cent said the flu was not fearsome, especially to those taking good care of themselves.

Concerning the 15-day closure of tutorial schools, almost 70 per cent said the measure did not rightfully fix the problem, while about one-third (30 per cent) thought it helped reduce the fast spread of the virus at a certain level.

Nearly two-thirds — 60 per cent — thought Thailand should more quickly produce its own vaccines against the Influenza A(H1N1) virus.

Meanwhile, ‘Fa Talai Jone’ or the Kariyat Thai herbal medicine is now popular among Thais who believe that it is useful in preventing the contraction of the virus.

According to Dr. Supaporn Pitiporn, herbal expert from Chaophaya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital in eastern Thailand’s Prachin Buri province, Fa Talai Jone has been sold at over 50 dozen packages daily, from only a few dozen daily, after the flu outbreak, thanks to its properties to stop the flu virus action in the body as well as preventing the virus from attaching to cell wall.

Dr. Supaporn said the hospital has now about one tonne or 2 million tablets of Kariyat in stock. (TNA)

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