Passports issued at Border area

Passports began to be issued in Burma at the edge of the southern town of Kaw Thaung for Burmese migrant workers who are working in Thailand. The cost of issuing a passport is around 3,000 Kyats and were issued at Ayae Yieak Nyaing older people center of Kaw Thaung on the 10th of July.
According to one of the staff members at the Immigration Department only 10 passports were issued on the first day and no one came to get the passports issued on the following days.
The passport is valid for 3 years and the applicant should have a working certificate with supporting documents by Thai employees and need to apply to the board.
According to one of the board members, the applicants need to provide a full address in Burma and there was no tax.
“The applicant should provide a full address in Burma. There was no tax and they don’t need to be afraid. We will not arrest those who apply for a passport” he said.
“Even though it was guaranteed that no arrests would take place most migrant workers did not trust the authorities and are not willing to share their addresses in Burma. Furthermore, some of them have been living in Thailand for a long time and are unable to quote an exact address in Burma and are also unable to provide a National Identity card. These are the reasons that very few people apply for a passport”. One of the local residents of Kaw Thaung said.

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