Dutch paedophile gets 37-year jail term

BANGKOK, July 16 (TNA) – Thailand’s Criminal Court on Thursday sentenced a Dutch paedophile to 37 years in prison for sexually abusing a boy.

The court ruled that Willem Grard Knoppien, 52, and Tanes Bualuang, 35, a Thai man were guilty of taking a boy from his parents with the intention of carrying out sexual abuse in the resort town of Hua Hin in Prachuap Khiri Khan.

The duo were arrested on December 3, 2008 after having been reported of having committed a crime and escaping to Thailand by the Dutch police.

The investigation took three months and determined that the Thai man was involved in procuring the victim.

The victim and witnesses testified to the Criminal Court, which convicted the two men on four counts and delivered the verdicts.

Mr. Knoppien was sentenced to a 37-year jail term, while Mr. Tanes faced 40 years imprisonment. However, Mr. Tanes’s jail term was reduced to 28 years and 8 months due to his useful statement to the prosecutors. (TNA)

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