Thailand, Myanmar cooperate to verify nationality of Myanmar workers- except for those of the Rohingya ethnic

RANONG, July 10 (TNA) – Thai and Myanmar officials confirmed their readiness to verify the nationality of Myanmar workers seeking legal work permits in Thailand.

The nationality verification process will be conducted at three centres in Myanmar, aiming at managing up to 600 workers a day except for those of the Rohingya ethnic minority.

The process is for Myanmar labourers to be able to legally work in Thailand with an appropriate visa.

Representatives from Thailand and Myanmar on Friday jointly checked the readiness of one of the three citizenship identification centres in Myanmar’s Koh Song, opposite Thailand’s southern province of Ranong.

The other two centres are in Myanmar’s Myawaddi province, opposite Thailand’s Mae Sot district in the northern province of Tak, and in Myanmar’s Tachilek, opposite Thailand’s Mae Sai, in the northern province of Chiang Rai.

Director Pichai Ekpitakdamrong of the Thai Employment Department and Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister, Maung Myaint inspected the Koh Song centre Friday.

Pichai said the centres were entirely ready and would start their services on July 15. In order to support the procedure, Thailand provided Myanmar some necessary equipment for the centres.

Myanmar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Maung Myaint confirmed that the Myanmar authorities agreed to cooperate with Thailand on the matter. They would neither deny nor obstruct the process in verifying the nationality of migrant workers, except for the Rohingyas, whom Myanmar denies as being one of its minority groups.

Meanwhile, Myanmar officials denied rumours that applicants could be subject to arrest or that taxes would be collected from Myanmar workers wishing to undergo the nationality verification process. They argued their government only wanted their labourers to legally work in Thailand and to be protected under Thai law. (TNA)

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