Statement of the Australian Karen Organisation in response to the Press Release of Myanmar Foreign Ministry 7 July 2009

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The Ministry of Myanmar Foreign Affairs issued a press release on 13 June 2009, in response to the statement released by the European Union of 11 June 2009. The Myanmar press release said that the Burmese Government was disappointed with the politically motivated declaration of the EU presidency, claiming that the document was released without a thorough study of Myanmar’s insurgency problem.
The press release claimed that the EU document was an incorrect declaration relying on inaccurate information.The whole population of Burma tells the world the difference between truth and deceit, and between justice and farce. But Nyan Win, the Burmese Foreign Minister is a liar. The Burmese General Than Shwe and his cohorts move forward with their efforts to force Burma to accept their dead-end “Road map” to a military-dominated “democracy”.
The world knows the 1990 Burma election’s result was ignored by military regime. Meanwhile, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi faces a sham trial, being accused of violating the conditions of her house arrest by allowing a “guest” to stay overnight in her home. This is only to justify barricading her in her home for the last 13 years, and this is Than Shwe’s cynical ploy for her to spend three to five years in the notorious Insein Prison.
Currently the SPDC is conducting other major military operation in Toungoo, Klerlwetu provinces and also around the Maethawor areas, (villages on the border with Thailand), shelling Karen villages and the internally displaced people’s camps. Over 50,000 civilians have had to flee for their life, from fear of being caught up in the fighting or being used as slave labour. Mr.Ban Ki-moon, UN General Secretary said that he was deeply disappointed with his two-day visit ( 3-4 July,09) to Burma, having had his request to meet with imprisoned leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was denied twice by General Than Shwe.”The military, all political parties, ethnic minority groups, civil society, and indeed every son and daughter of Myanmar has a role to play in this country’s transition. The only mutual compromise, respect and understanding can lay the foundations for durable peace, national reconciliation and democracy”, Mr. Ban remarked.We call on the UN and the International governments to:a) Increase diplomatic pressure on their allies for a UN Security Council resolution on Burma and apply pressure in other forums for the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and all 2100 political prisoners;b) Support a universal arms embargo against Burmac) Refuse to endorse the outcome of the election in 2010 unless the political climate improves in Burma.
Central Executive Committee, Australian Karen Organisation Inc.For further information contact-Saw Lwin Oo 0412344009, Daniel Zu 0434059903.
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