Four deaths in Mon State spreads fear of Swine Flu

08 Jul 2009, Rai Maraoh, Mon Son, IMNA
Four people have died over the last two weeks in Mudon Town, Mon State. Residents fear the cause was A/H1N1, commonly known as Swine Flu.

Two grade (10) standard students died from high school No.(1), along with another student from grade (5) standard and also a teacher.

A grade (10) student from the same high school told IMNA, “I am afraid the A/H1N1 disease will spread to me. Even though we didn’t know exactly what kind of disease the students and teacher died from, this disease is not like other diseases. If you suffer [from it] you can die immediately.”

The student added that the Mon State health department came to their school and provided a training on how students and faculty could protect themselves from the disease and identify the symptoms. The health department did these trainings in many Mon State schools during the month of June.

A speech from the Mudon school’s principal was paraphrased to IMNA by one of the student’s family members: “the students and a teacher got seriously sick [in the course of] two days and were sent to Moulmein hospital, and died there. Before they died, the victims showed symptoms of A/H1N1 disease. They had high temperatures, headaches, and their whole bodies hurt.”

The principal added that the hospital in Moulmein made no statement about the disease causing the four deaths, and that the families of the victims worry that the disease will spread.

A resident Mudon resident said that, “we are afraid the A/H1N1 disease will spread; this disease is stronger than other diseases. If we get A/H1N1 disease, we will die at once. How can we protect [ourselves] from this disease? We just know a little information from other people talking.”

“After the students and a teacher died in Mudon, we are also worried this disease will spread into our school,” said a teacher from Thanbyuzayat. In May, two students in Thanbyuzayat Township also died, but nobody knew from what type of disease.

A breath of fresh air did however arrive from a Radio Free Asia report of a 13-year-old Rangoon girl who suffered from A/H1N1 but recovered and will soon leave the hospital.
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