Mongla leader eulogizes 20 year peace with junta

MONDAY, 06 JULY 2009 15:42 S.H.A.N.
It was the ceasefire agreement, and the resulting peace that had made the social and economic developments in his 4,952 sqkm Special Region #4 on the the Sino-Burma border possible, according to a prepared speech in Shan by Sai Leun aka Lin Mingxian on 30 June, marking the 20th anniversary of the historic event in 1989.

Prior to 1989, the people had been able to produce only half of the whole year’s food, but the 2007 statistics showed that the people’s per capita income has reached K 199,000 ($200).

Apart from that, a 380 km road network has been built, 90% paved, for the 80,000 people under his leadership as well as 118 schools with 6,163 teachers and students. He thanked NGOs such as HU and Malteser for their assistance as well as the 21 Chinese firms that had made investments in his domain.

Ever careful with his words, Sai Leun, 63, made abundant use of the official jargon such as “The Three Causes” (Non-disintegration of the Union, Non-disintegration of National Solidarity and Perpetuation of National Sovereignty) and “under the guidance of the national government.”

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